Estate Planning

Planning for life

At most estate planning law firms the relationship ends when you sign your documents. At Sarah L. Ostahowski, PLC, I see the signing of your estate planning documents as the beginning of my relationship with your family.

Over time, your assets will change, your family may change, and we know for sure that the law will change. Your plan must accommodate all of these changes in order to make sure your plan works when your family needs it the most. If your plan is not properly updated over time, your documents become worthless ... worth no more than the paper they were printed on. And the costs of failing to update are typically far greater than keeping your plan current.

To help you make sure your plan is always current, I offer Family Wealth VIP Membership Programs.

With each of my estate plans I include a no-charge three-year review to ensure that as my clients’ lives change, so do their estate plans. These reviews ensure that all my clients’ assets are held properly for maximum protection. I also include in my planning process a creative way for my clients to pass on their human assets—who they are and what is important to them—in addition to their financial assets. And, I have annual membership programs for clients who desire even more service. Regardless of whether my clients participate in one of my annual membership programs, I keep all of my clients updated about changes in the law and issues that might affect their lives.

Some of the benefits provided under my Membership Plans include:

  • Annual plan review with unlimited plan amendments
  • Annual priceless conversation to transition your most important and most frequently lost family wealth—who you are and what’s most important to you
  • Annual membership in service which provides 24-7 on-line access to health care and guardianship documents
  • Substantial discount on my fees for advising your loved ones after you’re gone
  • Annual review of your assets and update of your asset spreadsheet
  • And much more, including valuable membership enrollment bonuses.

For more information about my unique programs, please contact me.